Looking for a step-by-step system to master the mental side of wrestling? You found it! 

Attention: Wrestlers that want to master their mental game to maximize wrestling performance...

but can't waste months trying to" figure it out" or spend tons of money on expensive coaching programs.


If you've had coaches or parents say things like:

  • You need to get mentally tough.
  • You have to work on your mental game.
  • You should have more confidence.
  • Just believe you're going to win.
  • Be a more aggressive wrestler.
  • Get your nerves under control before the match.
  • Don't take it so hard, everyone loses.
  • and a whole bunch of similar statements...

And it hasn't helped you...

Don't think you're alone, it has never helped anyone.

In spite of the vast amount of brain research that has been done over the last 30 years, almost no one is applying it to wrestling.

In fact, in middle and high school wrestling, mental performance training is non-existent.

We still have coaches and parents throwing around phrases like "mental toughness" or "wrestle hard" like that is going solve the problem of inconsistent performance on the mat.

The current popular training methods focus 99% of the effort on the physical part of wrestling. Drilling, learning technique, conditioning, live wrestling in the practice room, and generally working to get better physically. Then throw in a pep talk or tell an inspirational story.

Nothing wrong with giving a motivational speech...but that's not mental training.

What you need is a step-by-step system to train your mind to execute what you've learned - flawlessly - without mental interference...in the heat of battle.

Here's the truth...

If you only focus on the physical elements of wrestling you are an incomplete wrestler.

Elite wrestlers know that to maximize their potential they must work on the mental side of the sport - just like they work to improve the physical part of their performance.

Your mind and body work together as one machine. If you don't know how to manage your mind to get the most out of your body, you will never achieve your maximum wrestling potential.

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