The Finishing Strong Roadmap

Will You Finish The Season Strong?


I’m looking for a few qualified wrestlers to join my new group training program, The Finishing Strong Roadmap.

This Roadmap is THE fastest path to wrestling your best matches, reaching your goals, and ending the season with a bang… and I’m giving it away in exchange for honest feedback.


Can you answer “YES” to any of these statements?

  • I want to get deeper into the post season than ever before.


  • I want to get out of sectionals.


  • I want to get out of districts.


  • I want to be a state qualifier.


  • I want to get on the podium at state.


  • I want to be a state champion.


  • I want to wrestle better than I have all year.

If any of these sound like your hopes, dreams and goals than you should sign up immediately for the Finishing Strong Roadmap.

I’ve designed this Roadmap to work for any wrestler that wants to end the season with a BANG…regardless of what that might mean to you. And you can be totally in the dark about how to strengthen your mental game because…

…it’s a foolproof, comprehensive, “hands on” experience to seriously upping your wrestling game … in just 3 simple steps.

Before I get into the nitty-gritty of exactly how this program works, I just want you to know this whole thing is an extremely easy process.

Remember I said it was FREE?

That’s because all I ask is that you go through the program, give it your best effort, and send me your results and feedback. If there’s any way you think I can make the program stronger, more efficient, or more enjoyable, I want to know!

In exchange for your thoughts, I’m giving you this training free of charge.

Just so you know, I can only let a few wrestlers in on this crazy free offer.

In fact, I’m only offering it on a first come, first served basis. Once the limit of wrestlers is reached, you’ll never see The Finish Strong Roadmap offered for free again. (More about the limit later.)

And since this message is being opened up to aspiring wrestlers who want to go big NOW - THIS SEASON — I imagine it will fill up fast.


Are you working harder than ever to reach your wrestling goals this season, but you’re worried it’s not going to be enough?

Here’s why I’m so confident that my Finishing Strong Roadmap will work for you … no matter what is stopping you from your best performance.

I’m not one to honk my own horn, but helping others quickly break through mental roadblocks happens to be something I’m pretty darn good at.

And, I’m super passionate about training wrestlers like you to hack into the super human code to wrestle your best matches ever.

You see, I’ve been doing it for over 25 years in the business world and since I started working with wrestlers I’m quickly stacking up a pile of comments like this one:

“Thank you Dave for all that you have done for me. It means a lot and has helped me gain a lot of ground.”  

 Or this one from a wrestling dad…

“People can’t believe how he’s wrestling since you worked with him. I’ve had several people ask me, “what happened to him? He’s a different kid on the mat!”

 Or how about this one…

Nothing shakes that kid up," he said. "Big matches, an environment like this, doesn't bug him. He shrugs it off." - Coach Jeremy Tate, Newark Advocate March 12, 2015.

 Imagine having the secret to this kind of performance.

The confidence that no matter the opponent…or how high the stakes, you can walk out on the mat and let everyone know you came to wrestle!

Imagine feeling completely unstoppable every time you wrestle.


Why you don’t need a lick of mental know-how or peak performance experience … In other words, why I know you’re ready for this NOW!

I’ve spent the better part of the last 4 years drawing on my 25+ years of training in the business world, to develop, test, and perfect a ridiculously simple 3-step action plan that has one goal...

To show you how to “hack into the mindset” you’ll need to excel in the toughest matches of the season.

This plan takes you by the hand and breaks down exactly what you need to do to wrestle with aggression, constantly pressure and attack your opponent, put them on defense and keep them there.

At the conclusion of this session you’ll be ready to step on the mat with domination on your mind…no matter the opponent.


Here’s what you’ll discover in The Finishing Strong Roadmap and some unvarnished truth you need to hear.

 First let’s talk about the cold hard truth. We are literally days from the biggest tournaments, the toughest opponents, and the highest stakes of the year…

…and you ain’t gonna get any better technically. The learning new wrestling moves or internalizing a new series is over. You are out of time.

You’ve gotta go with what you got.

All you can do at this point is have the mindset to execute everything you know with confidence and aggression.

And you know what?

Mentally is where most guys fall short this time of year.

Instead of possessing the mindset to dominate...

they worry...

they hope...

...and end up falling short.

But, if you’re reading this,  I know you’ve been working hard all season and now the only thing standing between you and your goals could be your mindset.

Here’s another truth:

I can’t teach you my entire peak performance program in one session.

That’s why The Finishing Strong Roadmap is designed to hack into the most powerful tricks you need to crash through mental roadblocks and make some serious noise in the post season!


The Finishing Strong Roadmap is your step-by-step guide to pulling out all the stops and wrestling wide open.

Right now, I want to show you WHAT you’re going to learn … we’ll get to the HOW part in the session.

So if you start to think, “Well, how do I do THAT?” just remember I’m going to walk you through every single baby step and you can always ask any questions you have. 


In order to wrestle at your full potential, you need to have a mental plan.

Designing, building, and executing your mental plan is the bulk of what we’re going to do in the Finishing Strong Roadmap.

There’s three critical components … and I’m going to walk you through each component, one little step at a time.

Remember, this is all about simple.

Each little step is as easy as possible … something you can complete in usually just a few minutes.

But each step is designed to create the Ideal Mental Climate.

The Ideal Mental Climate is where peak performance springs from.

Once you see and experience how to create the perfect mental climate in just three easy steps, it will change the way you wrestle forever.

Now before I get carried away here realize I’m not going to wave a magic wand over you and poof!... you wrestle different.

No, you’ll have to pay attention, fill out the roadmap I’m going to walk you through, and do the steps.

In fact, the more times you pull out the roadmap after the session and do the steps, the better you will wrestle.

 Look at this way, I’m going to give you the exact mental roadmap to get you to your destination, but you have to get in the car and drive.


Here’s what you’ll leave with in this hard-hitting session.

  • How to calm your nerves before a big match.
  • How to quickly relax under pressure.
  • How to hack into your subconscious mind so you’re in domination mode.

You will have the exact steps all laid out in an easy to follow roadmap that you can use over and over to tap into your best wrestling mindset.

Actually, what I’ll be showing you has the power to change how you wrestle forever…if you use it consistently.

Plus, I’ll record the session and give you the mp3 so you can listen to it over and over.

The best part:

I’ll edit the “hacking into your subconscious mind” part of the session into a separate mp3 that you can listen to on your phone before every match so you can tap into your domination mindset.

That’s huge when you consider the number one issue this time of year is wrestling too cautious instead of putting your opponent on defense and keeping him there.


Here’s why I limiting this to only the guys that want to put it all on the line and wrestle to their full potential…no matter the opponent.

 Every wrestler that attends this session will have personal access to me through the end of this season.

  1. My cell phone number if you (or your parents) want to ask me anything. Text or call.


  1. After any session at Randy’s.


  1. During any tournament I attend – sectionals, district, state.


  1. Skype calls if you need one-on-one help.


You’re probably wondering why I’m doing this…

…and the answer is simple.

In my opinion, you have been in Small Group sessions getting the best technical training available in the state. After all, it’s the only place my son has ever trained for a reason.

I believe this is the year that guys just like you can experience more success than ever…if you use what you’ve learned.

And that’s what the Finishing Strong Roadmap will do. You can have the mindset to walk out on the mat and use everything you have learned, put it all on line, no holding back, and end this year with a bang.

If you're ready to for this, I invite you to join us!

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