The Wrestler’s Secret Weapon

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Good nutrition is a building block of peak athletic performance. But you and I both know it’s not easy to always eat right. And in the middle of wrestling season you’re working your tail off and usually cutting some weight. You’re tired, hungry, sore, and nursing an injury like a shoulder, knee or elbow… …pushing […]

High School Wrestlers and Handling Adversity

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I’ve been conducting an experiment… …helping wrestlers evaluate their mental game in five different areas by taking my Peak Performance Evaluation. I have completed several hundred evaluations and over the next few posts I’ll tell you the trends I identified in Jr. High and High School wrestlers. Here we go… 78.8% of respondents scored the […]

The Most Insidious Consequence of Wrestling

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Webster’s dictionary defines a consequence as, “something produced by a cause or necessarily following from a set of conditions…” I’m going to teach you something that will change your wrestling performance forever. It’s one of the keys that every highly successful wrestler uses to their benefit while most average wrestlers are crippled by it and […]

Broken – Alpha testing and weigh-ins of scholastic wrestlers

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I’m writing this after reading and re-publishing the post from Attack System Wrestling, On the precipice of a catastrophe: why the sport of wrestling teeters on a dangerous cliff. I agree with Randy, the system is broken. Many wrestlers cut dangerous amounts of weight because they believe it’s necessary to be competitive. Alpha testing has […]