1) Why do I have to become a member to access certain parts of this site?

The short answer - Membership has perks not available to the general public.

The long answerFrankly, the reason for members only content on this site is that I don't want certain information available to the general public.

For instance, the Wrestlers Secret Weapon page is only accessible to members. I am not giving this secret to everyone that stops by from a search engine. That's like posting flyers at a wrestling tournament and saying "here's a secret weapon for wrestling." Not much of a secret at that point.

Another reason you must register as a free member is certain mental training programs will never be offered publicly at any price.

Conventional Sports Psychology, Performance Coaches, and many mental trainers in the sports arena rely heavily on “cognitive behavior type psychology”. The theories and techniques lend themselves quite well to maximizing athletic performance.

One drawback is they can require lots of hard work and practice to master. This can easily mean a long drawn out process and lots of money spent.

Some of the techniques I teach dramatically cut down on the time and "brute force practice" needed to remove mental blocks, improve your performance, and reduce stress and anxiety in comparison to cognitive behavioral methods alone. 

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2) What are your credentials?

You can read about my experience here.


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