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YES, I can't wait to break into my peak performance! I'm ready to learn all the insider secrets to Gaining MY Mental Edge in wrestling. Give me my online access to the Gaining Your Mental Edge Program – And my FREE lifetime membership to The Inner Circle TODAY!

I understand if I'm not completely thrilled with the program, or if I decide it's just not for me,  I can simply email Engineered Wrestling Performance within 90 days of purchase for a full, no questions asked refund.

I can't wait to receive access to:

Session #1

47 minutes of power packed instructions unveiling the mystery of what's holding you back - and the steps to re-program your mind, improve your performance, and increase your odds of victory.

I get straight to the heart of the matter by showing you exactly where to start. You'll know precisely what to do so you can begin the process of retraining your mind to wrestle your best matches every time.


  • 3 things you can learn from Dan Gable about your mental game.
  • Discover the first step to master your mental game - exactly where to start.
  • The single most important phrase that will activate the entire process...it's only 6 simple words.
  • 2 key areas that you can monitor to immediately unlock your power to change.
  • Much more!

Session #2

Session #2 - (50 minutes) You discover what's really governing your best performance and how to continually push past your limits. Then I'll pull back the curtain on the two best mental exercises to control and direct the most influential force in your wrestling performance.

This session zeros in on the mental exercises to harness the power of your mind rather then have it and take you farther away from your peak performance and stifle your goals. Do you control your mind, or does your mind control you?


  • A mental practice that Dan Gable used from an early age - and you can too. I believe this was the driving force behind his incredible wrestling career.
  • Warning3 enemies that will crush every goal you set.
  • 15 simple tips to relax and focus on the task at hand...wrestling your best!
  • 4 key take-aways - exactly what to do so you fast track your peak performance.
  • Much more!

Session #3

Session #3 (42 minutes) I introduce “The 60 Second Fix”. For the past 15 years, this highly effective technique has been used mostly in secret by a handful of high-level athletes, trainers,  and sport psychologist. It's simple, yet powerful enough to handle at least 80 percent of what's holding back your mental game. Can you see why both athletes and "licensed professionals" want to keep it a secret?


  • Quickly get over losses and “reset” so you don’t drag negativity and a poor performance into your next match.
  • How to instantly send a calming signal to your brainand shut down your stress and anxiety generator - Before the big tournament…or your next match- After a loss – When you screw up – Anytime you need it!
  • The simple technique that wrestlers don't want their opponents to know about.
  • Much more!

Gaining Your Mental Edge plus Free lifetime membership to The Inner Circle - $57.00

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