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Is this the key to unlocking your best wrestling performance?

It’s been called the “Success Differentiator." 

Those with it seem more talented and athletic.

And they experience results that are simply amazing. 

Those without it are usually defeated by those who have it.


Dear Friend,

Do you think training hard, perfecting your wrestling technique, and competing in tough tournaments is the fastest path to achieving your goals?

Well, I’m here to tell you that’s simply not true.

You can train, practice, and compete year-round…but if you’re not training your mind to release your true potential, you’re on the slow path to your highest success.

You can want to be an elite wrestler. Long for it. Even spend enormous amounts of time and money trying to obtain it. But if you don’t have the wrestling mindset to go out and get it…match after match…it will never be yours.

Like an airplane with no engine, your dreams will remain forever grounded. Never taking flight. Never becoming real. Without the proper mindset.

The #1 predictor of peak performance is mindset.

Your wrestling mindset is the driving force within you that turns hopeful wishes into reality.

Yet it is also a quality that is often talked about, but widely misunderstood in the wrestling world.

As a result, while almost every wrestler possesses the seed of a proper mindset within them, very few take the time to nurture, develop, and hone this priceless asset.

In fact, wrestlers, coaches, and parents invest almost all their time and energy in the physical aspect of wrestling and spend very little, if any, time working on mental and emotional mastery.

Here’s the truth:

Physical practice + Nothing else = Inconsistent performance and results.

Physical practice + Mental and emotional management practice = Consistently perform at your best and enjoy rapid improvement.

Most coaches and athletes accept that all things being equal, the wrestler with the best mental mindset will win. That's why having the right mindset is absolutely CRITICAL to enjoying real, serious, lasting success in the sport of wrestling.

 A sure way to not get what you want.

"The team was not outmatched; we just did not compete to our teams abilities. We competed scared and frightened not to lose. Why? We were not qualified and had nothing to lose. All we had to do was go out there and do our best and compete hard.

The only thing that is expected is we fight and compete to the best of our abilities, instead we wrestled with fear and the fear paralyzed us." - Matt Lindland, Head Coach and CEO of Greco-Roman Wrestling for USA Wrestling. -March 10, 2016 www.Coachmattlindland.com

Are you ready to release your full wrestling potential?

Introducing: Gaining Your Mental Edge - 3 Sessions Recorded Live - Discover the formula to "cracking the code" and possessing the mindset you need to win at the highest levels.

GYME3dSession I: How to get in the performance zone and stay there.

Session II: Discover how to direct the most powerful force of your wrestling. 

Session III: Neutralize mental and emotional blocks that are keeping locked into your current performance level.

Gaining Your Mental Edge Session #1

47 minutes of power packed instructions unveiling the mystery of what's holding you back - and the steps to re-program your mind, improve your performance, and increase your odds of victory.

I get straight to the heart of the matter by showing you exactly where to start. You'll know precisely what to do so you can begin the process of retraining your mind to wrestle your best matches every time.

Here's a Taste of What You’ll Learn:


  • 3 things you can learn from Dan Gable about your mental game.
  • Why most wrestling programs are "flawed" so that only an elite few ever obtain peak performance. - and how to fix it.
  • Exposed! The typical methods of mental training - and why they don't work.
  • The mind body connection - and why it breaks down.
  • Is a champion's mindset is possible for you? The surprising truth you must face if you're going to make the necessary changes.
  • Discover the first step to master your mental game - exactly where to start.
  • The single most important phrase that will activate the entire process...it's only 6 simple words.
  • 2 key areas that you can monitor to immediately unlock your power to change.
  • It can be really tough to nail down what's holding you back from your best performance, right? Wrong! It's easy if you know the one question to ask.
  • How to instantly recognize the mental patterns that accelerate your performance - or kill it - before you even start wrestling.
  • How to go from things “just sort of happening” to conscious choice - you learn how to get control of your mental game.
  • How to quickly and easily get in the performance zone. -Dan Gable did this but you probably didn't realize what he was doing.
  • Plus... What most well meaning wrestlers, parents, and coaches focus on that kills your performance.

(After this first session I'll have parents tell me they realized they were inadvertently hurting their athlete's performance and in many cases have sat down with them and apologized.)


"Here's what Kevin Says"

"It has helped so much...it helps me focus more. I'm so confused on how you figured it all out."

Gaining Your Mental Edge Session #2

Session #2 - (50 minutes) You discover what's really governing your best performance and how to continually push past your limits. Then I'll pull back the curtain and reveal the two best mental exercises to control and direct the most influential force in your wrestling performance.

This session zeros in on the mental exercises to harness the power of your mind rather then have it and take you farther away from your peak performance and stifle your goals. Do you control your mind, or does your mind control you?

In Session #2 You'll Discover:


  • What a lemon can tell you about your brain.
  • A mental practice that Dan Gable used from an early age - and you can too. I believe this was the driving force behind his incredible wrestling career.
  • Warning3 enemies that will crush every goal you set.
  • Activate your internal success system so you make quick decisive course corrections on the way to your highest goals.
  • 15 simple tips to relax and focus on the task at hand...wrestling your best!
  • Time management - simplified.
  • 4 key take-aways - exactly what to do so you fast track your peak performance.


02 (2)


72.57% of attendees choose Session #3 as their favorite session.



"Coaches Love it!"

"I learned what to say to athletes vs what not to say... changing words brings a whole new meaning to comments..." - Coach Milhoan

Gaining Your Mental Edge Session #3

Session #3 (42 minutes) I introduce “The 60 Second Fix”. For the past 15 years, this highly effective technique has been used mostly in secret by a handful of high level athletes, trainers, and sports psychologist.  It's simple, yet powerful enough to handle at least 80 percent of what's holding back your mental game. Can you see why both athletes and "licensed professionals" want to keep it a secret?

The Difference Maker in Session #3:


  • The simple technique that wrestlers don't want their opponents to know about.
  • Get your mind-body connection flowing like water out of a spout.
  • Quickly get over losses and “reset” so you don’t drag negativity and a poor performance into your next match.
  • It’s tough to get over devastating losses and not let it affect your next match, right? Wrong! I’ll show you how to shut down the pain and negativity that tries to kill your performance after losing.
  • Warning - Many parents, coaches, and athletes are afraid to push past comfort zones and set high goals and expectations. - I'll tell you why…and what to do so you can "go all in" without fearing failure.
  • Worried about your conditioning and “gassing out” during a match? The 60 Second Fix can help! I’ll even show you a stealth method to use during a match.
  • How to instantly send a calming signal to your brain and shut down your stress and anxiety generator - Before the big tournament…or your next match- After a loss – When you screw up – Anytime you need it!


You'll get results!

But don't take my word for it. Look at the results athletes reported just two weeks after attending these sessions.

This was post season when these guys were facing their toughest matches of the year!

Mental toughness graph wrestling


57.14% - Said they had more confidence.

85.71% - Reduced nerves and anxiety before competition.

71.43% - Catching more of the mental patterns that dictate performance.

42.86% - Better performance.

57.14% - Faster recovery time after a loss.

71.59% - Better mindset.

14.29% - Other.


This insider information with over 138 minutes of mental how-to's is yours to start using now.

But here's the great thing: You don't need to use all of these techniques to start impacting your results. Implement just one, and you'll immediately feel the difference in your thinking and outlook on your wrestling, and see that difference reflected in your performance.

Gaining Your Mental Edge Includes:

  • Instant access to all 3 sessions (138 minutes of video).
  • Downloadable mp3's of all sessions.
  • Printable handouts and notes for all sessions.
  • FREE lifetime membership to The Inner Circle

Yes I want to change my mental game and change my wrestling! I can order now for the introductory price. (Limited Time Offer).

Still not convinced...

I have been helping clients reach their full potential by changing their mindset for over 25 years.

These 3 sessions of Gaining Your Mental Edge is the result of my hard earned experience and all the high level advice and techniques I have collected over the years presented in a way that any athlete can use...

I make my living taking the abstract and complex and making it dead simple to understand and use. These session are presented in a way that will make sense to a first year wrestler but are solid enough that even highly successful wrestlers can still benefit from it. In fact, the more success you enjoy, the more critical a strong mental game becomes.


"Damian Says"

"I'm more confident, less nervous and have a better mindset. Overall better performance on the mat."


Your Investment Today...

I've made it plain that the power of being able to access the resources needed to succeed at the highest levels is truly paramount to reaching and exceeding your goals.

I believe it's a huge part of my own success.

Once you access these sessions, you'll be gathering skills and techniques you’ll always have … and always be able to use to your benefit.

Having this kind of information gives you access to results you may have never thought possible …

And it allows you to break through your current mental roadblocks, while essentially working less "trying to figure out what's wrong" in reaching your peak performance.

That’s why I want to make this a “no-brainer” decision for you.

If you were to attend a live Gaining Your Mental Edge workshop you'd pay $139.00

And if you were to hire a mental trainer or a licensed professional to help you with your mental game, it would cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars

But you won't pay hundreds or thousands of dollars...

You won't pay $139...

Or $99…

Or even $59 to gain access to this one of a kind resource.

In fact, I think this is so critical to your success in both the short and long-term …

Your investment today will be a mere fraction of what this information is truly worth:

Only $57

Flash Sale! Only $19.99 today!


But …

I want to make this as accessible as possible … a total no-brainer if you will …

So if you secure your copy of Gaining Your Mental Edge right now, I’m also going to give you a free membership to The Inner Circle.





Take advantage of the Gaining Your Mental Edge program and receive a free lifetime membership to The Inner Circle.

Inner Circle Membership Includes:

  • Lifetime Access to Gaining Your Mental Edge
  • Monthly Online Group Coaching Sessions
  • Future Training Videos
  • Future Webinars
  • MP3 Coaching Sessions
  • Much, Much, More added all the time

The Gaining Your Mental Edge program is what I call a living program. That means it will be updated from time to time with new and updated information.

But no matter how many times I update it or add to the program, you will always have Complete access as a member of the Inner Circle. 

Plus...access to all Inner Circle coaching calls.

Every month I'll be conducting a coaching call covering each part of the Gaining Your Mental Edge program and answering any questions you have.

Every call will be recorded and you'll have access to all of them in the Inner Circle Members page.

From time to time I'll be adding coaching mp3's, webinars, and other information that you will have full access to as well.

As you can imagine, that means the price for this program will be going up...A LOT.

But as a Inner Circle charter member you will never pay a dime more to be a member of the Inner Circle.

Don't hesitate or delay! Once the preset number of charter members is reached, the price will increase without notice. But you'll never pay a dime more no matter what is added to the Inner Circle if you act now!

Gain complete access to the 3 sessions of Gaining Your Mental Edge and I'll throw in your exclusive charter membership to The Inner Circle absolutely free.

And, You’ll Also Have My “Love it or Get a Refund” Guarantee

I respect your time — and even though I feel access to this exclusive training is an indispensable resource, I understand this might not be for everyone.

That’s why you don’t have to decide right now if this is for you.

I am so confident in the information I'm giving you that I want you to go through the entire Gaining Your Mental Edge sessions, completely risk free:

The Gaining Your Mental Edge Full 90 Day, Risk-Free Guarantee

Most companies offer you only 30 days to get your money back. I understand it takes some time to really make sure a) that you like what you see, and b) the product fulfills all its promises.

That’s why I want you to take a FULL 90 days to test out The Gaining Your Mental Edge training.

Make sure you can really use the techniques, advice, and inside information…

Get a feel for what it means to have the right mental mindset … and get that flush of pride...because you're winning more matches.

You can take up to day 89 if you like …

And if at any time, for any reason, you change your mind, all it takes is an email and I’ll promptly and courteously refund every penny — no questions asked.




This Isn't Just Another Way to Get Better. It's a Chance For You to Become the Best You Can Be.

Frankly, if you want to be a great competitor, at some point you have to have access to the methods elite athletes are using to reach their full potential.

Gaining Your Mental Edge isn't just discovering the methods, techniques and nuances of wrestling with the best mental mindset for success.

It doesn't just give you tons of fresh "how to ideas" to accelerate your goals .

It's not just another way to achieve your highest success.

It’s a thorough resource that transforms you into a mental giant that isn't afraid to set high goals and go after the gold.

It allows you to solve the common mental blocks that virtually ALL athletes have.

Remember, it all comes down to being able to achieve your full potential and winning more often.

With your access to Gaining Your Mental Edge, you will have everything you need to reach the top …

And as Dan Gable himself says, "When people ask me how to raise their level of performance, the first thing I ask is, How important is it to you?”

I'll see you on the inside,



Gaining Your Mental Edge



YES! I want these exact strategies to take my wrestling to the next level.

  • I understand I will be billed $19.99 today to receive immediate access to the 3 sessions of Gaining Your Mental Edge plus bonus membership site
  • I will receive instant access to all 3 sessions which I can watch (or listen to) at anytime 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world
  • I can cancel for any reason or no reason whatsoever within the next 90 days and receive a full refund.



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