How to be a motivated wrestler

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Having others motivate you as a wrestler is what I call “hot bath” motivation. You get really warm from a hot bath, but you cool off pretty quickly.

Don’t get me wrong; having others to motivate and encourage you isn’t a bad thing. We all need someone to encourage us at times or remind us of our long-term goals.

But you can’t only rely on others for motivation. It might work in the short term, but just like a hot bath you’ll cool off and your level of motivation will fall back to where it was before.

Long-term motivation has to come from within you.

You have to figure out what motivates you.


“The first trait of champions is to dream big dreams, for it is only big dreams that can produce the level of motivation, dedication and desire needed to become a champion.” – Brian Tracy


Take some time and ask yourself these questions:

What do you I want to get out of wrestling? Why am I doing it?

Give it some thought and come up with what you would love to accomplish in your wrestling if you had no limitations. When I say accomplish that doesn’t only mean medals, placement, titles, etc.

It could also mean intangible things such as enjoy the sport more than you do now, meet new people, coaches etc. It could also be help others to become better wrestlers or be an inspiration to younger athletes.

Give it some thought, these are only suggestions to get you thinking about what passions and desires you have that can fan the fires of motivation.

There's always the motivation of wanting to win. Everybody has that. But a champion needs, in his attitude, a motivation above and beyond winning -.Pat Riley

The bottom line you’ll have to figure out what fires you up in a positive way and intentionally think about those things daily.

Take time everyday to dream your big dreams and you’ll find yourself not only getting motivated, but staying that way in the practice room and when things are getting tough.


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