How to rapidly level up to the most athletic and talented wrestlers.

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How would you like to make rapid improvements in your wrestling skills happen automatically?
I didn’t say without doing anything…
I said make it happen automatically.

Have you ever wondered why one wrestler trains for years and improves slowly while another guy seems to keep getting better and better through his entire wrestling career?
As it turns out, there is a reason for it and it has much less to do with talent or athletic ability than most people realize.


I always cringe when I hear well-meaning people put all the emphasizes on how talented someone is and then chock all their success up to talent or athleticism.
Do you know why I cringe?
Because if possessing great talent and athletic ability is the main ingredient needed to succeed at a high level in wrestling, most of us our doomed to average.

Thank goodness it's not true...
Highly talented wrestlers are like icebergs. There’s much more to them than meets the eye…if you look below the surface you’ll find a whole lot more than talent got them where they are.
So it’s foolish to think that talent alone carried them to the top.
The truth of the matter - It’s what you add to the talent you have that makes the greatest difference.
So lesson #1 is stop worrying about how talented you may or may not be and start working on rapidly improving your wrestling skills.
Which is where I was going with this before I got sidetracked.
So the fastest way I know to activate your Automatic Rapid Improvement Mechanism (ARIM) is through mental preparation.
Wrestlers that improve at a snail’s pace almost always score low in mental preparation.
There are several areas of mental preparation but the area to focus on to activate your Automatic Rapid Improvement Mechanism is mentally preparing before your practice or training time.
Here’s what you do first:
Come up with two or three areas you want to improve in your wrestling technique. It usually helps to get some feedback from your coach.
Next write them down or make a note in your phone.

Hint: The more specific you are the better this works. 

"I want to get better on my feet" isn't specific enough.

Zero in on specifics. "I want to have an unstoppable double leg" = MUCH BETTER. 
Then take five minutes before every practice to review exactly what areas you want to improve during practice.
This puts your mind to work on helping you improve in these areas automatically.

Don't believe me? 

Check this out. 

At some point every day you think, "I'm hungry."

What happens immediately after that is your mind starts trying to figure out how to get you something to eat. You usually don't even think about it you get up and head for the refrigerator.

If you're sitting in school you look at the clock and then start to wonder what you're going to eat when it's lunch time. Your mind is automatically trying to bring you closer to the result you want...getting something to eat!

Here's the best part.
The more you do this before practice the better it works. You begin to build a new mental pattern that propels you toward rapid improvement.

Your Automatic Rapid Improvement Mechanism is activated and turned on!
By taking a few minutes each day to set your intention on certain areas of your mental and physical game, you will drastically increase your odds of maximizing your potential.
High-level wrestlers are always looking at their performance and finding ways to tweak it so they get better results.
And I’m assuming you are a high-level wrestler or want to be one because you’re reading this!
To bigger wins more often,

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