Free Mp3 – Gain Your Mental Edge

47 minutes of power packed instruction unveiling the mystery of what's holding you back - and the steps to re-program your mind, improve your performance, and increase your odds of victory.

I get straight to the heart of the matter by showing you exactly where to start. You'll know precisely what to do so you can begin the process of retraining your mind to wrestle your best matches every time.

Taken From a Live Training - Here's What You’ll Discover:

  • 3 things you can learn from Dan Gable about your mental game.
  • Exposed! The typical methods of mental training - and why they don't work. 
  • The mind body connection - and why it breaks down.
  • Is a champion's mindset is possible for you? The surprising truth you must face if you're going to make the necessary changes.
  • Discover the first step to master your mental game - exactly where to start.
  • The single most important phrase that will activate the entire's only 6 simple words.
  • key areas that you can monitor to immediately unlock your power to change.
  • It can be really tough to nail down what's holding you back from your best performance, right? Wrong! It's easy if you know the one question to ask.
  • How to instantly recognize the mental patterns that accelerate your performance - or kill it - before you even start wrestling.
  • How to go from things “just sort of happening” to conscious choice - you learn how to get control of your mental game.
  • How to quickly and easily get in the performance zone. -Dan Gable did this but you probably didn't realize what he was doing.
  • Plus... What most well meaning wrestlers, parents, and coaches focus on that kills your performance.

(After this training I'll have parents tell me they realized they were inadvertently hurting their athlete's performance and in many cases have sat down with them and apologized.)

Here's a short sample of what you'll learn in this powerful session.

Make sure your volume is turned up!


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