Wrestlers Flunking out on Mental Toughness

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Recently I told you how I have been evaluating High School and Jr. High wrestlers to measure their mental toughness or some might call it their mindset.

I evaluated them in 5 different areas.

78.8% of those tested, scored high in “Handling Adversity” [You can read about it here]

Today, let’s look the average score for their wrestling mindset as a whole.

Basically I calculated what the average score was for the total Peak Performance Evaluation (all 5 areas) for all wrestlers tested to date.

What was the average score out of 100 points?


That means on average, the wrestlers tested received an F when it comes to having the proper mindset to wrestle at peak performance. They failed.fail-1714367_640

Sure there were wrestlers in the D, C, B range and one wrestler scored in the low “A” range. But on average the Peak Performance score was 56.61.

Think about that…

Of all the wrestlers I have tested to date - we’ve had one A!

So what’s going on?

A lot but let’s start with two biggies…

Wrestlers and coaches spend 99% of their time working on physical skills and almost no time on mental and emotional mastery.

Very few wrestlers or coaches know how consistently develop their mental game.

Some good news.

The good news - there is plenty of room for improvement in mental toughness for most wrestlers.

And as you work on your mental game, have no doubt it will show up in better performances on the mat.

The wrestlers that were evaluated all received specific action steps to improve in each area that they scored low.

I recently had one individual email me and tell me how much it has helped him, here’s what he said:

“Thank you for all that you have done for me in regards to mental training it has helped me make huge strides in my wrestling. It showed up today after I beat a kid I lost to three times my freshman year.”

I found out a couple of days later that he had placed first in the tournament “beating a tough opponent” according to a guy that was there.

That’s what working on your mental game will do.

You’ll start clearing out the mental blocks that are keeping you from wrestling your best and it’ll show up in results on the mat.

Next time I’ll tell you where a high percentage of wrestlers scored low and how to start fixing it.

To bigger wins more often…

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